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How Much Does Mini Skip Hire Cost?

If you’re thinking about having work carried out on your property or you’re doing it yourself, you might be worried about the cost.

Modern waste disposal methods are subject to tight restrictions, and people may worry about how much it costs for mini skip hire.

In fact, by identifying what sort of waste you need disposing, mini skips can be great value for money.

Big Choice

Skip bins from Fast Skips Recycling are available in 10 different sizes.

As well as identifying the type of waste you need removing, you can choose the right size of skip.

Our smallest bin is a nifty 1.3m long, which is often perfect for domestic weekend do it yourself jobs.

This size of bin is often hired for general waste but can also be the right fit for specific types of substances.

If you need help working out how much waste you will produce in terms of volume, there are some general guidelines.

For instance, a standard 6 x 4 box trailer load of waste will fill about half of a 2m skip bin.

Our expert team can give you detailed advice, so you hire the right size bin.

How Much Does Mini Skip Hire Cost ?

Depending on what you need to dispose of, mini skip hire can often be surprisingly affordable.

By properly sorting waste, a small bin can cost under $200.

Our green waste rates are especially good value, as this is the most environmentally friendly type of material to remove.

At the other end of the scale, hazardous materials such as asbestos need very careful treatment, which is more costly.

By hiring the right bin supplied by professionals, you can be sure such waste will do no harm.

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For more information on the best mini skip hire in the Southern Highlands, contact Fast Skips Recycling.

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